Translation Services.

Calima Services is an organization that provides professional solutions in Translation and Interpreting services since 2001 in English and Spanish. With us you will always obtain accurate translations, within the established term and with the absolute confidentiality of the information.

Aware that a bad translation can have extremely negative consequences for a company, we ensure a quality service, we have a large team of professionals with ample experience in specific fields, who have complied with a strict recruitment and selection process designed to ensure our clients the highest quality standards for their business. All translations are performed by native translators in the target language.

We strive every day to be the best in what we do and this includes our prices, because we are very competitive in this aspect and whatever translation service you require we are sure that we will offer you the best solution according to your needs and scope, for this you can count on us for translation services in the following areas:

Commercial area, Marketing and Communications:
» Advertising texts.
» Web Page Texts.
» Transcriptions and / subtitling of Audio and Videos.
» Publications in Social Networks.
» Corporate communication, Brochures, Formats.
» Books, magazines, catalogs, manuals.

Legal area:
» Powers of Attorney.
» Notarial Acts.
» Birth Certificates.
» Marriage or Divorce certificates.
» Judicial proceedings or Lawsuits.
» Police reports.
» Written testimonials.
» Wills.
» Contracts.
» Forms.
» Estates.

Financial Area:
» Analysis and / or Financial statements.
» Bank liquidations.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Area:
» Product labels.
» Instructions for use.

Personal area:
» Letters or notes
» Notifications.
» Declarations.
» Forms.
… and much more.

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