Language Services.

Translation Services.

With Calima Services, our clients will obtain an accurate and reliable translation, guaranteeing the timely delivery of the contracted work, always having the absolute confidentiality of the information.

Our Translation services include:
» Certificates
» Letters and Memos
» Brochures
» Manuals
» Form Presentations
» Websites
» Handbooks
» Audio and Video Transcripts
… and much more.

Interpreting Services.

We are a professional interpreter office dedicated to promoting and facilitating language services. This objective is achieved by providing language services to close the communication gap between service providers and customers, businesses and employees, among others, in the communities where they live and serve.

At Calima Services we offer our clients the absolute privacy of the information. With us you and your company will have a reliable interpreter service according to your needs.

We know that communication problems generate fear, stress and disagreement, so we do our job with all the understanding that the client requires, working in a pleasant and calm way.

Our interpreter services include:

» Legal: Mediations, Depositions, in court appearances
» Medical
» Conferences
» Seminars
» Employment
» Real Estate
» Loan Closings
In person and telephonic interpreting.

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